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Tag Archives: Healthcare

Top 5 Options for Healthy Activities Outdoors

When our parents reach the golden years, going outdoors can become more challenging. We will tend to worry not only of their safety but also of their health especially when our loved ones are going through ailments or having mobility issues. With all the many outdoor activities available, are there any that can be ideal … Continue reading

Dementia Care: Guiding Seniors with Oral Health

Taking care of one’s oral health is crucial in maintaining quality life especially in the person’s aging season. However, when they are diagnosed with any type of dementia, oral care may be forgotten in time. The progression of dementia can affect the person’s overall well-being, and this is why they will need the assistance of … Continue reading

How Meditation Benefits Your Overall Health

Meditation can be closely associated with the religious or spiritual practice. However, meditation continues to gain popularity beyond the religious understanding, especially in this Internet age, as meditation helps an individual achieve relaxation and improved mental wellbeing. As your Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we recognize that meditation is one of the many ways for … Continue reading

These 3 Physical Routines Can Increase Your Heart’s Health

Just how essential are physical activities for your body? For starters, let’s zero in on the heart. As one of the major organs in the body, the heart is susceptible to infections and illnesses that make caring for it very crucial and life-saving. In fact, many seniors who have heart challenges are greatly benefiting from … Continue reading

Healthy Practices You Can Start For The New Year

Anything healthy and positive can be a great addition to your new year’s resolution and it would be advantageous to include healthful practices that will improve your old ways for a healthier, better you. Your senior loved ones can benefit from a Healthcare provider in Connecticut for them to experience a renewed take on life … Continue reading

Power Foods for This Holiday Season – Part 2

Nothing beats having great food on the holidays, right? But what if you’re on meal restrictions? What if you need to stick to a certain number of calories and certain foods so that your ailments can be controlled? Can this be the end of your holiday happiness? Well, not exactly. As Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, … Continue reading