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Dementia Care: Guiding Seniors with Oral Health

 Dementia Care: Guiding Seniors with Oral Health

Taking care of one’s oral health is crucial in maintaining quality life especially in the person’s aging season. However, when they are diagnosed with any type of dementia, oral care may be forgotten in time. The progression of dementia can affect the person’s overall well-being, and this is why they will need the assistance of Healthcare providers in Connecticut to ensure that their personal care needs are being addressed properly.

If you’re the family caregiver of a loved one with dementia, you will find along the way that caring for your family member’s oral health may require your diligent supervision. With that, we would like to offer the following care tips in ensuring that your loved one’s oral health is sufficiently monitored.

  • Create a Routine

    Routines are very ideal for persons diagnosed with dementia. Their body is already programmed to do certain activities in a particular flow every day, and even when they have memory troubles, they can still get to do the task. Brushing routines, especially right after every meal, is helpful to apply for our loved ones with dementia.

  • Give Simple Instructions

    Being Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we encourage you to simplify your instructions whenever you’re assisting your loved one in brushing their teeth. Instructions will become necessary in the later stage of dementia, when their forgetfulness has heightened. Use simple and one-sentence instructions so that they can easily follow when you let them do the brushing themselves.

  • Let Them Watch You

    You can also opt to let your loved one witness the way you brush your teeth so that they can see how it is done. With dementia stealing their memory capacity, they can be greatly helped when they see someone doing it and they can easily follow through.

  • Guide Their Hands

    When putting yourself as a model for brushing teeth doesn’t work for your loved one, you can hold their hand and assist them on how to brush their own teeth. Just ensure that they are not agitated at the moment so the task can be accomplished smoothly. When they are not in the mood, you can postpone the activity.

  • Use Different Toothbrushes

    It can also help to maintain proper oral care when you’re using the best-fit toothbrush for your loved one. Because there are many options available, you can experiment with different brushes first until you finally find the kind of brush that is right for their dental condition. You can also consult their dentist for other recommendations.

Brushing teeth may seem normal for many of us, but this can be an urgent matter on Senior Home Safety when our loved one has dementia. Thankfully, there are health care professionals, such as our team at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC, who can provide expert assistance in administering quality care to our family members with dementia.

If you’re in need of this kind of help, feel free to book an appointment with us for initial assessment.

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