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Trusted support for all of your healthcare needs, every step of the way.
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Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC advocates for high-quality, accessible, and affordable health care. We provide you with one-on-one help from a healthcare expert who knows the ins and outs of the complex healthcare system. Our team of healthcare advocates is skilled at working with healthcare providers, pharmacists, medical insurance plans, and other health-related organizations.

As healthcare advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, whether you need help with medical bill issues, understanding care options, or choosing the right course of treatment, we are here to help you.

Our services include:

  • Senior Home Safety Surveys. One of the leading causes of hospital admissions for seniors are falls in the home. Falls account for most hip fractures and head bleeds in the elderly population. It is also associated with high healthcare cost due to poor outcomes post-fall. Modifications can consist of:
    • Sensor lighting for the outdoors
    • Grab bars for the bathroom (in the tub and near the toilet)
    • Installation of a higher toilet
    • Lighting within home
    • Conversion from the tub to sit down shower and similar services
    • We make referrals to local contractors for modifications
  • Senior Home Safety Checks/Safe Guard Visits. Per the request of the client’s family members obtaining our services, safeguard/home safety visits entail making sure that the client is safe at home. Is there food in the refrigerator? Are they taking their medications? Do they appear alert and oriented and in good mental health? We will update you on our findings.
  • nurse and elderly woman smilingHealth and Wellness Coaching. Coaching will consist of providing education on human responses to actual or potential health problems.
  • Health Care Liaison/Patient Advocate. This service will help with the management of health care needs to better understand chronic or acute illness. Services will include:
    • Attending doctor’s appointments, scheduling appointments as needed, development of history and medications’ checklist for safety (vigilance and expertise can help overt medication errors), help in the management of health needs by referrals to community services that might be needed (i.e. Money Follows the Person, Agency on Aging, etc.).
    • Assist with the purchases of medical equipment that might be needed at home. Also, included in this service is help and assistance for family members when loved ones are in the hospital: assist with the asking of appropriate questions for good quality care, and necessity, or lack of proper testing.
    • Provide education on the process of human responses to actual or potential health problems. Provide supportive, restorative, and emotional support. Provide recommendations for services before discharge.
  • Care Coordination in the Community. Provide assistance to promote compliance set forth by providers. Assist clients with any needs within the community.
  • Other Forms of Assistance Provided:
    • Assist client and family with Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy paperwork. Guide in the conservatorship process.
    • Other advocacy services that promote good quality care and beneficial patient/client outcomes as determined post-consultation.
    • Healthcare advocacy
    • Organization of medical bills
    • Assistance in identifying cost for procedures, tests, and best in-network/out of network providers
    • Help with the coordination of post hospital discharge
    • Help with identifying the most appropriate Assisted Living Facility, Rehab, Skilled Nursing Facility, Visiting Nurse Service, or Private Pay Agencies
    • End of life planning

Pricing Strategy

We strive to offer our services at cost-effective rates. We offer:

  • Initial Consultation via Phone for 1/2 hour: $75
  • In-depth Phone Consultation: Minimum fee of $100.00 per hour (includes resource identification and detailed research with information gathering. Report will be provided to the consumer on options available.)

*Time over one hour will be billed at $25.00 per 15-minute increments.

PayPal Option and Other Payment Modes

We already know that your family is going through a difficult time, so we try to make things as convenient as possible whenever we can. At Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC, we accept payments through PayPal which is a fast, safe, and accessible form of payment for many patients and families who need care services.

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We also accept other forms of payment such as:

  • Checks
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover

If you are looking for someone who can advocate for your well-being and healthcare needs, know that Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC is here for you and your family.


For inquiries, or if you would like to arrange for our services, please contact us for assistance. We look forward to serving you!