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These 3 Physical Routines Can Increase Your Heart’s Health


Just how essential are physical activities for your body? For starters, let’s zero in on the heart. As one of the major organs in the body, the heart is susceptible to infections and illnesses that make caring for it very crucial and life-saving. In fact, many seniors who have heart challenges are greatly benefiting from the assistance of professional Healthcare providers in Connecticut, especially as they go about with their daily activities.

Among others, performing regular exercises even for a minimum of 30 minutes each day can help a person enjoy the following:

  • Regulated calories
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol
  • Enhancement of good cholesterol
  • Maintenance of the right level of blood pressure

Hence, as your trusted Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we recommend the following physical activities that are very helpful for your heart’s health.

  1. Stretching Exercises

    Aside from being the ideal transition before and while doing every exercise, stretching activities also help a person attain flexibility. Stretching moves are already ideal as workouts in themselves, but doing them for warming up and cooling down is also very helpful.

  2. Swimming Activities

    As a form of aerobic exercise, swimming allows a person with heart issues to move around and increase their heart rate but at the same time do so in moderation. They are also under the supervision of coaches so that they can accomplish the routine better. Swimming is also considered as a low-impact exercise, which means that even if the patient has joint problems, the activity is still recommended for them.

    Aside from swimming, other aerobic exercises that people with heart issues can do include walking, running, jogging, or biking.

  3. Weight-Lifting Workouts

    Lifting weights is also another form of physical activity that is good for those with heart challenges. The common equipment for these types of workouts include weights and resistance bands. For a more meditative routine, yoga can also be a weight-lifting activity when you’re lifting your very own body. For this routine, however, it’s encouraged to do this approximately 2-3 times every week. The patient should be able to give a rest allowance for their muscles for at least a day before the next session.

For your loved one with a heart condition, you have to remember that while exercising is recommended for them, they should not do any activity without their doctor’s approval. They have to consult with their primary physician so that they will be able to undergo the right level of routine fit for their specific heart condition. Some can also recommend licensed physical therapists who are able to assist your loved one for the active lifestyle while ensuring Senior Home Safety at the same time.

Do you have a family member who has heart issues and needs some assistance at home? Make sure that their health needs and daily undertakings are monitored. When you’re not around to keep watch over them, our team at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC is ready to step in for you.

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