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Power Foods for This Holiday Season – Part 2

Power-Foods-for-This-Holiday-Season- Part-2

Nothing beats having great food on the holidays, right? But what if you’re on meal restrictions? What if you need to stick to a certain number of calories and certain foods so that your ailments can be controlled? Can this be the end of your holiday happiness?

Well, not exactly. As Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we say that you can still enjoy the holiday season while enjoying sumptuous and healthy meals. As what we’ve shared in our other post, there are a lot of healthier alternatives that you can enjoy in the holiday. Let us share with you some more power foods that you ought to be consuming in the holiday parties.

  • Prepare low-fat gravy

    If you’ve been wondering how you can ever enjoy your turkey without the usual gravy, we’re glad to say that you can always opt for the low-fat version. Gravy can be your bridge to fatty elements that are not ideal for your monitored meal. Instead, why not make your own gravy emphasizing on the low-fat ingredient. This way, you can celebrate the holidays over good food and guilt-free meals.

  • Create your own cranberry relish

    The holidays are made more delightful with cranberry sauce. However, cans of this ready-to-eat cranberry sauce are just full of approximately up to 100 calories, putting you at risk of your diet check. Good thing, you can now create your own cranberry side dish and even decide for yourself how much sugar you can add.

  • Fresh beans over green bean casserole

    Instead of the usual mushroom soup to mix in your green bean casserole, either you opt for a reduced-fat mushroom soup version or have steamed fresh green beans instead. You can save more calories from the usual beans, giving you more enjoyment in your healthy holiday meals.

  • Make rolls with whole wheat

    You can always serve carbohydrates on the holidays. You might have guests who will look for it. But for dieting purposes, make your own rolls instead using whole wheat as ingredients. This way, you can play with your own ingredients and choose the healthier ones. When you need professional assistance in preparing healthy meals, you can tap help from Healthcare providers in Connecticut.

  • Drink cider instead of a glass of eggnog

    You would want to skip on your saturated fat content in the holidays. Hence, choose to drink hot apple cider over eggnog drink so you can save about half of the calorie available from the other drink. When you just can’t resist eggnog, try to make your own version so that you can customize on the healthy milk and sweet additives.

There’s always more excitement in the air when we look forward to the holidays. Thankfully, good food can no longer hinder our way of celebration because of healthier ingredients. If you’re interested to seek assistance in preparing for the holidays, tap our team at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC.

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