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Power Foods for This Holiday Season – Part 1

Powe- Foods-for-This-Holiday-Season – Part-1

What do you look forward to in the holiday season? While some others get excited about being able to be with family once again, there are still a good number of us who look forward to the sumptuous party. As your premier Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we join you in this anticipation. But we also would like you to enjoy your celebration without being hampered by any health issues triggered by unhealthy meals.

Hence, we’ve compiled this list of power foods that you can choose as an option to the usual preparations in the holidays. This way, you can truly enjoy your holiday season!

  • Yogurt dips instead of fatty food dips

    Sour cream dips are yummy pairs of our holiday recipes. However, the usual ingredients of these dips are made from full-fat elements. This can put your calorie count at risk, not to mention your hypertension chances also elevates. The healthier alternative would be yogurt dips. Choose the non-fat and plain Greek yogurt to go with your recipe, and you’ll have a guilt-free holiday!

  • Opt for wine spritzer over alcoholic beverages

    Alcoholic drinks contain a good amount of calories that will not be helpful for when you’re maintaining your diet. Especially this holiday season when drinks are a staple, it will be ideal to reduce your alcohol intake. As a great alternative, opt for wine spritzer instead. With this drink combo with reduced alcohol content, you can celebrate your holiday with a good compromise.

  • Roast sweet potatoes instead of candy yams

    Sweets cannot be missed in exciting events as the holiday season. However, candied foods can give you more calories than you will need. With sweet potatoes roasted and brushed with olive oil, you can enjoy your sweets with less worry on calorie. Our Healthcare provider in Connecticut can also help you select other healthier alternatives for holiday sweets.

  • Serve white meat over dark meat

    The holidays won’t be complete without turkey and other meat products. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? However, remember not to serve the dark portion of your turkey meat as it contains double fat of the white meat portion. Cutting on this portion of the turkey meat can help you exercise control on your calorie intake, and thus, maintain your healthy diet.

  • Create your own stuffing and avoid the store-prepared versions

    Stuffing is just as exciting as the main course. However, store-bough stuffing can be mixed with too many unhealthy fats and sodium content, putting you at risk for extra calories and high blood pressure. Why not create your own stuffing instead? This way, you can opt for the healthier ingredients of vegetables so you can fully enjoy your holiday diet.

What do you think about these healthy alternatives? Keep your guests healthy while still being able to thoroughly enjoy the holiday celebration. If you need help in preparing for the holidays or in ensuring Senior Home Safety, book an appointment with us at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC.

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