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What Home Exercises are Healthy for Seniors

What Home Exercises are Healthy for Seniors

Even our aging loved ones can also benefit from doing daily exercises. The active lifestyle can help reduce the risks of chronic diseases. It also helps to maintain their healthy weight so that our elderly loved ones can have the quality life. But what exercises are ideal for our aging family members? Also, should they exercise indoors or outdoors?

As Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we have rounded up the following exercise recommendations for your senior loved one. While the setting depends on their specific needs, the following exercises are great indoors.

  • Wall Pushups
    The main goal of wall pushups is strengthening both the arms and legs. When there is more strength in a senior person’s body, they can be able to stand steady. As a result, the risks of falling are lesser as compared when they have a physical weakness. To do wall pushups, do the regular pushup except that they are standing and pushing on the wall.
  • Chair Squats
    The goal of this exercise is to increase the strength of the lower extremities. With this strength, the senior person can regain agility and balance. This helps improve their mobility. To do chair squats, the person has to attempt to sit down on a chair, arms stretched forward, and then stand up again. Repeat this cycle to the preferred number of times.
  • Standing on One Leg
    This exercise aims to improve the balance of the senior person. When doing this the first time, the senior may need help from a Healthcare provider in Connecticut. To do this routine, the person will have to stand on one of their legs with arms spread sideward. The other leg can be bent, stretched forward or backward. Hold this position for a minimum of five seconds.
  • Tiptoe Lifts
    This routine is also aimed at increasing a senior person’s balance. The person simply has to lift their whole body with their feet on tiptoe position. To do this exercise, stand on a flat surface and raise the heels of both feet with only the toes touching the floor. Hold this position for a minimum of five seconds. Repeat as necessary.
  • Flying Angel
    The flying angel exercise aims to improve one’s flexibility. To do this routine, the senior person needs to stand by the wall, and move both arms sideways as though they are wings. Slowly, slide the arms on the wall with the direction from the legs to the head. Repeat as though flying.

These are just a few exercises that we hope you find helpful. Doing regular exercises can improve Senior Home Safety. So we encourage you to exercise or accompany your senior loved one in exercising. If they also need companions in doing home exercises, our team at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC is ready to help. Ask us how we can help you today.

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