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Tips to Maintain Health and Safety when Outdoors

 Tips to Maintain Health and Safety when Outdoors

Do you describe yourself as an outdoorsy person? Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor enthusiast, there is no denying of the great contributions of outdoor activities to our overall health. For this reason, as Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we encourage you to spend time outdoors as regularly as possible. There are many activities you can do outdoors that can also be healthy for your overall health.

However, when you go outdoors, you also need to monitor your own health and safety. We have the recommendations so you can achieve that, and here they are:

  • Bring Healthy Snacks
    Going outdoors is not only fun. It can also make us hungry. Make sure that your outdoor activities always include bringing healthy food items with you. Go for energy-boosting food items so that you can have the strength you need when you hike or stroll around. Recommended snacks include a combination of peanuts, almonds, dried cranberries, and pitted dates.
  • Stay Hydrated
    Ensure that you also take extra water with you whenever you go outside. You need to stay hydrated as you can get dizzy outdoors if you don’t have enough water. Depending on how long your outdoor activity is, take a water container that fits your outdoor needs.
  • Maintain Electrolyte Balance
    Aside from being hydrated, you also need to ensure that the fluids in your body are in a good balance so that your blood pressure is regulated. To manage this, you take bananas with you, and also broccoli, oranges, and papaya. These are among the fruits that improve electrolyte balance.
  • Exercise
    When you go outdoors, make sure that you also take time to exercise. Get a walk. Play sports. Go to the gym. Include exercising as your goal in going outdoors so you can also focus on your overall health. Just know that if you need assistance from Healthcare providers in Connecticut, we’ll be right there to help you out.
  • Eat Fiber-rich Foods
    Before you head outdoors, make sure that you’ve also eaten well. Consuming fiber-rich foods help improve your digestion, thus, prevents constipation issues when you’re already outside. Just make sure that if you have dietary recommendations, you will be following this list properly. For more assistance on dietary guidelines, ask your physician about it.
  • Apply Sunscreen
    Since going outdoors means that you can be exposed to the sun, make sure that you put on sunscreen lotion to your face and exposed body parts. You need to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sunlight as this can result in major health problems later on.

When is your next outdoor trip? Just keep in mind that if you need assistance for your loved one during these outdoor activities, our team at Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC can help you out. We don’t just provide Senior Home Safety. We can also keep you company so that your health and safety are monitored even outdoors.

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