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5 Tips: How Seniors Can Stay Hydrated During Summer

5 Tips: How Seniors Can Stay Hydrated During Summer

The summer season can be an exciting time to head outdoors and enjoy a lot of sceneries. However, the blazing heat of the sun can also be a reason for us to be dehydrated, which occurs when our body loses a lot of water. This can be even more risky for our aging loved ones who can be easily dehydrated. For our senior loved ones, dehydration is not a good thing because it can result to further health risks for them.

However, there’s no reason to be down yet as dehydration can be prevented. As Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we would like to share the following hydration tips so your summer season can be an enjoyable time.

  1. Remind Constantly

    Constant reminder is a practical way for us to ensure that our senior loved ones can stay hydrated. This is not only when you need to be outdoors. Reminding them every day that they need to drink water can be helpful to prevent dehydration. The elderly needs gentle reminders as their sense of thirst may no longer be as active as before. Dehydration is definitely a risk since they don’t even feel they need water at the moment.

  2. Make Water Accessible

    For some of our aging loved ones, drinking water will still require them to get up and walk to where the water is. If they don’t feel thirsty, they may not want to make the effort. Instead, why not make water very accessible to them? Place a jug and glass of water right by their bedside, and they will have no excuse for drinking on their own.

  3. Get Assistance

    Another helpful option is to assign someone to assist your senior loved one so these needs can be addressed. A Healthcare provider in Connecticut can be there with them to ensure that they have drank sufficient amount of water for the day, even while their other care needs are also supervised.

  4. Serve Liquid Meals or Snacks

    Water is not the only way that our aging loved ones can stay hydrated. In supplement to water, serve them with soup every meal time, and give them succulent fruits such as orange, watermelon, or peach. Not only are these healthy options, these are also great hydration alternatives.

  5. Drink in Small Sips

    Encourage your loved one to drink in small sips if they’re not into great gulps. Little sips all throughout the day can already prevent moments of dehydration.

Hydration is something that we need to pay serious attention to especially when the welfare of our aging loved one is at stake. At Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC, you have the support you need when you want to ensure Senior Home Safety for your family member especially on summer season. When you’re not personally available to oversee the well-being of your aging loved one at home, we can step in for you.

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