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5 Strategies to Relieve Stress in Under Five Minutes

5 Strategies to Relieve Stress in Under Five Minutes

People tend to spend half a day on average to relieve stress. They might do it on their rest days or when they are on vacation. Healthcare advocates in Hamden, Connecticut can offer a lot of exercises and meditation techniques that one can use for relieving stress too.

But, what about you who are too stressed but only have a few minutes to take a break? What should you do when you don’t have much time to spend on those stress relief techniques? Don’t worry, though. Here is a list of stress-relieving strategies you can adopt in five minutes or less.

  1. Prime Yourself by Changing Your Passwords
    Priming is the method of creating cues around you that will prompt you to act in certain ways. If you want to take the pressure off your shoulders, change your passwords. Make your passwords reflect what you want to do. You can try a password that says 1@tAtime to remind yourself to go through your daily tasks one at a time. This technique is most effective for accounts you use on a daily basis.
  2. Hugs Are Therapeutic
    Hugging can cause a person to release oxytocin. This is a hormone that promotes good social behaviors. Hugging can help you relax and build trust with others, especially for seniors. Try having or giving more than eight hugs a day. Your friends, family members, or healthcare providers in Connecticut will be happy to receive one from you.
  3. Change Your Mental Channels
    The brain can remember negative events better than positive ones. You may remember a stressful happening from last week if the same stress triggers your stress today. If that happens, the pressure on you will no doubt snowball. No matter how long a stressful event has passed, you’d always remember it. Try changing channels when it is getting into you. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts, distract yourself with mental games. Try reciting word sentences or doing word puzzles in your head. The distraction can get your mind off from stressful thoughts.
  4. Pet a Dog
    Nowadays, it is easy to adopt pets. They can be cats, dogs, or rabbits. These animals can help you relax. All you have to do is pet them. Of course, be sure that the animal you adopt as a pet won’t affect senior home safety.
  5. Smile a Lot
    Cranky people can infect others with their negative emotions. The same principle applies to happy people. Consider smiling a lot so you can influence the people around you to smile as well. It doesn’t take a lot of muscles to establish a happy environment.

Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC believes that stress is easy to handle. We can lend you a hand if you need more strategies for stress relief. You may also share your effective stress relief strategies in the comment section.

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