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Tag Archives: Senior Care

Balancing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Every individual is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual parts. As your chosen Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC drives for your overall health.   Achieving overall wellness is not easy. Though the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are intertwined, we need to exert effort in each one. Having no time to work … Continue reading

What Home Exercises are Healthy for Seniors

Even our aging loved ones can also benefit from doing daily exercises. The active lifestyle can help reduce the risks of chronic diseases. It also helps to maintain their healthy weight so that our elderly loved ones can have the quality life. But what exercises are ideal for our aging family members? Also, should they … Continue reading

Top 5 Options for Healthy Activities Outdoors

When our parents reach the golden years, going outdoors can become more challenging. We will tend to worry not only of their safety but also of their health especially when our loved ones are going through ailments or having mobility issues. With all the many outdoor activities available, are there any that can be ideal … Continue reading

Dementia Care: Guiding Seniors with Oral Health

Taking care of one’s oral health is crucial in maintaining quality life especially in the person’s aging season. However, when they are diagnosed with any type of dementia, oral care may be forgotten in time. The progression of dementia can affect the person’s overall well-being, and this is why they will need the assistance of … Continue reading

5 Tips: How Seniors Can Stay Hydrated During Summer

The summer season can be an exciting time to head outdoors and enjoy a lot of sceneries. However, the blazing heat of the sun can also be a reason for us to be dehydrated, which occurs when our body loses a lot of water. This can be even more risky for our aging loved ones … Continue reading

Seasonal Allergies: 4 Things You May Not Know About

As soon as spring comes right around the corner, allergy season begins. Are you prepared for it? If you’re currently shaking your head, then you might want to keep reading this article. To help you out, Holistic Angels Health Advocates LLC has decided to put together a short list of facts that should give you … Continue reading