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Tag Archives: Elderly Care

5-Point Guide in Improving Elderly Mobility

There are many reasons why seniors experience mobility difficulties. Thankfully, there are also steps we can take so that these difficulties can be overcome. Unless their mobility issues are caused by diseases or disabilities, you can assist your loved one in daily practices of enhancing their strength. In achieving these guidelines, your loved one may … Continue reading

5 Strategies to Relieve Stress in Under Five Minutes

People tend to spend half a day on average to relieve stress. They might do it on their rest days or when they are on vacation. Healthcare advocates in Hamden, Connecticut can offer a lot of exercises and meditation techniques that one can use for relieving stress too. But, what about you who are too … Continue reading

Tips to Maintain Health and Safety when Outdoors

Do you describe yourself as an outdoorsy person? Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor enthusiast, there is no denying of the great contributions of outdoor activities to our overall health. For this reason, as Healthcare Advocates in Hamden, Connecticut, we encourage you to spend time outdoors as regularly as possible. There are many activities you … Continue reading